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Miami’s Best Real Estate Connection to Luxury Property

Josh has worked with clients from all over the world and he prides himself on providing exceptional service and expert advice. You can read his client reviews or visit the Josh Stein Realtor Google Business page to hear firsthand what his clients have to say.

His website has consistently been ranked at the top of all major search engines for nearly two decades and he has won numerous awards in the industry for his cutting-edge marketing system. From real-time MLS property search tools and market statistics to the latest featured condo developments and breaking Miami real estate news, Josh’s goal is to make searching for Miami real estate fun and enjoyable.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, the JSR website is a valuable resource for anyone searching for information on Miami real estate. Josh Stein and his team are all licensed real estate professionals in Miami, FL, and have their real estate licenses hung with Global Luxury Living, a tech driven, virtual real estate brokerage firm with an office located on Lincoln Road in South Beach.

The Josh Stein Realtor team prides itself on years of experience, a proven track record and comprehensive market knowledge. Our team of real estate professionals speaks Spanish and is available 24/7 to help you with all of your South Florida real estate needs. Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information in the Miami real estate market.

The Top Real Estate Agent for Miami Lofts

Miami Lofts For Sale

Josh has been dubbed “The Miami Loft King”, having sold more lofts in Miami than any other real estate agent. In fact, he has successfully sold out entire loft buildings in Miami and is oftentimes the go-to expert on all loft-related questions among his colleagues and other local brokers and real estate agents.

Josh has sold lofts in many of the best loft buildings in Miami including Parc Lofts, 250 Wynwood, Meridian Lofts, and Absolut Lofts to name a few.

If you are interested in learning more about the Miami loft market and what properties are available, please reach out to us. And if you’re looking to sell your Miami loft, I can assure you that Josh and his team are going to find you the right buyer and help get you the highest sales price.

An expert in Art Deco Properties in Miami Beach

In addition to selling waterfront homes, luxury condos, and lofts, Josh also has a passion for selling Art Deco properties in Miami Beach.

With an educational background in art and design, Josh has always been fascinated with Art Deco architecture. He has sold some of the best historic art deco properties in Miami Beach and understands the process of historic renovation. Josh also has a deep understanding of the strict guidelines and legal terms the city sets in place when it comes to renovating art deco condos.

Josh’s expertise and knowledge of the local real estate market and he knows all of the best Art Deco buildings. Whether you are buying or selling Art Deco real estate, or just have some questions, Josh and his team can provide you with expert advice and give you the best recommendations.

Art Deco Condos In Miami Beach

Waterfront Homes in Miami, FL

Miami Waterfront Homes For Sale

When it comes to true luxury living, owning a waterfront home in Miami is about as good as it gets. Nothing says you’re living the good life like a sleek modern Miami waterfront home.

From the Venetian Islands to Key Biscayne, there are a wide variety of communities in Miami that offer waterfront estates for sale. Some of these communities are gated and private with their own residential association, such as Indian Creek Island and Star Island.

Other neighborhoods are less private and all you to feel more connected to the city. One such neighborhoods is the Venetian Islands, which connects Miami Beach to the mainland. Here you can find a wide variety of homes for sale, with prices starting at under $2 million.

The real estate market in Miami has seen incredible growth activity during the past 24 months as wealthy families from around the world relocate to Miami.  Waterfront houses can often times provide more privacy and security than a condominium can. Although these houses can cost upwards of $50 million, it’s possible to find homes for less than $1 million, depending on the size and neighborhood.

Josh Stein
Josh Stein

Global Luxury Realty

+1 (305) 695-8257

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Josh Stein
Josh Stein

Global Luxury Realty

+1 (305) 695-8257

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