Fisher Island

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Miami Beach, Fisher Island is ideal for those with an appetite for tennis, golf and relaxing on the beach.

By Day:

Fisher Island is just what it sounds like: an island for the water enthusiast and Florida outdoorsman. Like to golf? Hit a few balls at Fisher Island Club right smack in the center of the island. If you like to fish, pick a beach or hop into your boat for a day on the water. Private boat slips are as plentiful as the fish here and that’s why people decide to live on the island.

If you decide to leave, you’re gonna need that boat, too. There is no way to reach Fisher Island by car, which is, frankly, just how we like it.

By Night:

There’s no nightlife to speak of on Fisher Island, and that’s the way we like it, too. But with access to your own boat, you’re just a quick trip from the mainlands where the action is. If you find yourself dining out at night on the island, be sure to tip your waitress well.

There have been controversies in the past regarding pay for employees of the island, who face challenges in getting to work and making a decent living. This is truly an island that caters to the elite.

Where To Live:

Fisher Island is a little diamond-shaped sliver of land at the south end of Miami Beach. Big homes dot the southern and eastern edge of the island along the waterfront. In the center of the land mass is a square of greenery you’ll come to treat as your own private backyard golf course.

You’re looking at a price tag starting at $1 million on the low end even if you’re looking to own a smaller condo. Want a home? First, get in line. Then take out your pocketbook. You’re looking at $9 million for a three bedroom.

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