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321 Ocean Drive Condos For Sale

321 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida 33139 | Neighborhood: South Beach

321 Ocean is gleaming luxury incarnate. The building — the latest from famed architect Enrique Norten — is an ultra-modern glass tower, sleek and clean, with long balconies and expansive ocean views. The mansion-like units and its prime location, south of Fifth Street, have created enormous demand for 321 Ocean, says Josh Stein. With prices starting at $1.5 million for at least 1,900 square feet, plus the sprawling terrace, it’s not surprising that 321 Ocean has generated worldwide interest years ahead of its 2015 completion date.

From the urban gardens to its unique Ocean Library, Josh says 321 Ocean has filled a deep need on Miami Beach for high-end contemporary design. World-renowned landscape designer Enzo Enea has created an urban oasis called The Garden at 321, buttressed by a beach-side infinity pool. Overlooking Ocean Drive is the state-of-the-art gym, Fit 321, and for residents, The Ocean Library is a private lounge lined with a unique collection of artistic and culinary works.

But the main feature of 321 Ocean is each individual, sun-drenched unit. Josh says the high ceilings and wall-sized windows create an uncommon feeling of openness inside, all the more unrestrained by each 10-foot-deep terrace overlooking the ocean and the cityscape. Each home in 321 Ocean has three or four bedrooms, a den, and a built-in espresso machine, plus standards of modern luxury, including private elevator lobbies. Some even have private gardens or private rooftop pools, details that make 321 Ocean an instant favorite in Miami Beach real estate.

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321 Ocean Drive Miami
321 Ocean Drive Miami Condos
321 Ocean Drive
321 Ocean
321 Ocean
321 Ocean
321 Ocean
321 Ocean
321 Ocean

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