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Sustainable Luxury Homes Miami

Your Guide to Sustainable Living in Miami

Sustainable Luxury Homes In Miami

South Florida is in the crosshairs of climate change. Rising seas, a population crowded along the coast, porous bedrock, and the relatively common occurrence of tropical storms put more real estate and people at risk from storm surges aggravated by sea level rise in Florida, than any other state by far.

But some leading architects such as Max Strang are paving the way for sustainable architecture here in South Florida. Higher sea walls, smarter home technology, solar panels for energy storage, lighting design, and even water filtration systems are just some of the ways homes can be more sustainable in South Florida.

Our mission is to work with property owners, architects and developers to help make luxury real estate as sustainable as possible. Josh Stein and Joan Bruggink have been featured on National Geographic and most recently on BBC News.

Environmental Modernism Homes by Max Strang

Sustainable Luxury Homes In Miami

Hucker Residence

Coconut Grove, FL

Sustainable Luxury Homes In Miami

Mountain Lake Residence

Mountain Lake, FL

Sustainable Luxury Homes In Miami

Bass Residence

Coconut Grove, FL

Sustainable Luxury Homes In Miami

Joan Bruggink – Born and Raised in the Netherlands.

Growing up in Holland, Joan developed a  keen interest in sustainability and environmental issues at a young age. After graduating from the University of Amsterdam, Joan worked alongside various key players in the sustainable real estate sectors in both Holland and Suriname, South America. In 2010, Joan moved to Miami, FL to work alongside Josh Stein. With nearly a decade of experience selling luxury real estate in Miami, Joan continues with her mission of “making luxury real estate sustainable.”

With almost a third of The Netherlands situated below sea level, Holland continues to lead the world in environmental innovations and sustainability policies. Through the use of a complex dikes, pumps and sand dunes along the coast, Holland continues to stay ahead of rising sea water issues. In fact, The Netherlands has one of the most sophisticated anti-flood systems found anywhere in the world.

Saving Miami with Jack Black and Josh Stein.

Miami is home to millions of Americans, and some of the most valuable real estate in the country, but climate change is putting it all in jeopardy. Jack Black heads to Miami to meet with Luxury Real Estate expert Josh Stein to learn if the city can be saved. #YEARSproject
Sustainable Luxury Homes In Miami

Luxury Green Condo Buildings

Sustainable Luxury Homes In Miami

Monad Terrace

Miami Beach, FL

Sustainable Luxury Homes In Miami

1 Hotel & Homes

Miami Beach, FL

Sustainable Luxury Homes In Miami

Grove at Grand Bay

Coconut Grove, FL

Interested in learning more about sustainable living?

Learn more about eco friendly and sustainable homes in Miami with Josh Stein.

Have questions about eco friendly and sustainable homes in Miami? Our team of real estate experts are available to help you with anything you need. Whether you’re interested in buying, renting or selling a home, we’re here for you 24/7. Give us a call today +1 (305) 695-8257 or email us at

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