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Venetian Islands, Miami Beach


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Belle Isle, Venetian Islands Condo Buildings

1000 Venetian Condos Arial View

1000 Venetian

1000 Venetian Way

20 Island Avenue Belle Isle Condos For Sale

Belle Plaza

20 Island Avenue

16 Island Avenue Miami Condos

Belle Tower

16 Island Avenue

11 Island Avenue Condos For Sale Miami Beach

Costa Brava

11 Island Avenue

Grand Venetian Miami Luxury Condos

Grand Venetian

10 Venetian Way

5 Island Avenue Condos In Miami Beach

Island Terrace

5 Island Avenue

Nine Island Avenue Miami Beach Condos For Sale

Nine Island

9 Island Avenue

3 Island Avenue In South Beach

Terrace Towers

3 Island Avenue

The Vistas Condos In Miami Beach

The Vistas

1 Century Lane

Homes For Sale Venetian Islands

Located between South Beach and Downtown Miami, the Venetian Islands are a string of six exclusive man-made islands in Biscayne Bay, connected via a series of bridges known as the Venetian Causeway. The islands are, from east to west; Belle Isle, Rivo Alto Island, Di Lido Island, San Marino Island, San Marco Island and Biscayne Island.

The Venetian Islands are primarily single family homes except for a cluster of high-rise condo buildings and the famous Standard Hotel on the easternmost island, Belle Isle. There are also a handful of luxury condos and apartment buildings on Biscayne Island, the westernmost island.

The Venetian Causeway is popular for jogging, biking, rollerblading and taking in the many sights of the beautiful luxury Miami waterfront homes. Multi-million dollar homes with an array of architectural styles are found throughout the Venetian Islands and today it is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in all of South Florida.

The Venetian Islands Lifestyle

Venetian Islands Homes For Sale
Homes For Sale Venetian Islands

Venetian Island residents are able to enjoy a tropical island lifestyle that’s mere minutes away from South Beach and Downtown Miami. The Venetian Islands is a fantastic place to live and provides a serene oasis surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city. Residents of the Venetian Islands include famous entertainers, sports stars, media moguls, and high-profile executives from around the world.

With such a prime location, it’s no doubt that the Venetian Islands is home to some of the most breathtaking Miami waterfront homes in all of South Florida. Today the Venetian Islands is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Miami Beach with homes on the water starting at around $6.5 million.

The Perfect Location of The Venetian Islands

The man-made islands known as the Venetian Islands are located between Miami and Miami Beach in Biscayne Bay. The mainland Miami entrance is located just off of NE 15th Street and Biscayne Boulevard while the entrance via South Beach is located off 17th Street and West Avenue. The Venetian Islands is ideally situated just minutes from Lincoln Road Mall and Sunset Harbour and is less than 20 minutes from Miami International Airport.

The History of the Venetian Islands Miami Beach

Venetian Islands Homes For Sale
Venetian Islands

The original bridge that crossed Biscayne Bay and connected Miami to Miami Beach was called the Collins Bridge. At the time of its opening in 1913, it was the longest wooden bridge in the world at 2.5 miles long. The bridge featured a wooden deck running the entire length of the bridge which was supported by a steel lattice truss design in the middle part. Quite a feat back then!

The toll bridge was built by farmer and developer John Collins with financial assistance from Carl Fisher. The bridge provided a critical link to the newly established city of Miami Beach, formerly accessible only by ferry. In 1925, the original wooden causeway was replaced with arch drawbridges and renamed the Venetian Causeway.

Belle Isle – Venetian Islands

Venetian Islands
Venetian Islands

Belle Isle is the easternmost island on the Venetian Islands and is home to a handful of luxury condo buildings and apartment complexes, as well as some smaller single family homes. The island is also home to the world-famous Standard Hotel, known for its spa and bayfront restaurant and bar.

The high-rise condo buildings here include Belle Plaza, Costa Brava, Nine Island Ave and The Grand Venetian. These luxury condos provide panoramic Biscayne Bay views and resort style amenities, including swimming pools, tennis courts and health clubs. There is a beautiful park located at the center of the island which has a dog walking area as well as beautiful pathways.

While Belle Isle provides its residents with privacy and seclusion, it’s just a short 10 minute walk across the bridge to Lincoln Road.

Di Lido Island – Venetian Islands Miami Beach

Di Lido Island is the largest of the Venetian Islands in Miami Beach and features a wide variety of architectural styles, including ultra-modern, Art Deco and Mediterranean. The island community has both waterfront and non-waterfront homes, many of them with panoramic views of the Miami skyline, the port of Miami and South Beach.

In recent years, there have been dozens of new homes constructed and real estate prices have skyrocketed. Homes on the water on Dilido Island start around $6.5 million and can easily exceed $20 million on Dilido Dr. Di Lido Island is just a 15 minute walk across the bridge to South Beach, Lincoln Road and the trendy Sunset Harbour neighborhood.

Rivo Alto Island – Venetian Islands

Located between Belle Isle and Di Lido Island, Rivo Alto is the second easternmost island on the Venetian Islands. The residential island is home to some incredibly lavish waterfront homes. The historic Flagler Monument Island is located near the southern tip of Rivo Alto Island and is a popular place for boating and water activities on the weekends.

San Marino Island

San Marino Island sits in the middle of the Venetian Islands and has luxurious homes set against the backdrop of the turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay. San Marino Island is home to both waterfront and dry lots in Miami Beach and provides a tranquil, tropical ambiance set away from the bustle of city life, yet within minutes to the local hot spots of Miami and Miami Beach.

The island provides a high level of privacy due to its central location between mainland Miami and Miami Beach. San Marino Island in is situated between Di Lido Island and San Marco Island. The island is home to the top 5 Miami waterfront homes on the beach, with three homes for sale asking above $23 million.

Biscayne Island – Venetian Islands

Venetian Islands
Venetian Islands

Located at the westernmost portion of the Venetian Causeway, Biscayne Island in is just a few minutes walk to mainland Miami and less than 30 minutes walk to Miami Beach. Being so close to mainland Miami gives you quick access to local restaurants and shopping in Downtown Miami, including the new Miami Worldcenter. Both waterfront and non-waterfront properties can be found on the island as well as a handful of luxury condominiums and apartment complexes.

Josh Stein, Your Venetian Islands Real Estate Expert

Josh has been selling Homes For Sale Venetian Islands in Miami for 20 years and some of his most notable sales have been on the Venetian Islands. From modern mansions and waterfront estates to luxury condos, Josh has in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market and can help you navigate current listings and Homes For Sale Venetian Islands. If you’re interested in purchasing a home or condo on the Venetian Islands or would just like more information, please contact me at +1 (305) 695-8257.

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