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Wynwood is now a bustling neighborhood as more and more boutiques, lunch spots, offices and cafes move in.

Wynwood has long been home to Wood Tavern and the newsroom of The Miami New-Times. These days, there’s even more opportunity to work and live here. Panther Coffee is a prime meeting place and wifi spot, and artists continue to use the old warehouses for their studios.

Traffic and parking can be a little difficult, but it’s still better than much of the rest of the city. It’s also not very close to any highway exits, but it’s close enough to everything that it’s usually not a big deal.

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By Night:

Wynwood is one of Miami’s trendiest neighborhoods. New bars are constantly appearing, and art galleries routinely throw open their doors to visitors. Wynwood is home to the Wynwood Brewery as well as many of the best spots to buy craft beer.

But it’s not all rugged, hipster fare. High-end restaurants are also moving in, and the eateries of Midtown are only a few blocks to the east. It can get a little loud on weekends and traffic is becoming a problem, though it’s nothing compared to Brickell traffic at night.

Where To Live:

Wynwood is an extremely exclusive neighborhood to live in simply because residential development has not taken hold here as it has in Brickell, Edgewater and Miami Beach. That said, the real estate opportunities in Wynwood are some of the most attractive because of the unique lifestyle it offers and for the investment potential of this fast-transforming area.

There are still single-family homes available in and around Wynwood, but much of the Wynwood real estate comprises apartment units and New York City-style lofts. The living spaces blend with the artistic nature of the area, with high ceilings and an industrial, unfinished vibe. Some of the apartment buildings even have murals on the external walls and interior lobbies. Wynwood is nothing if not big, bold and colorful.

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