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Something big is happening at 1001 South Miami Avenue, and up until now, locals could only imagine what Brickell Flatiron, a 549-unit condo tower in the popular Brickell neighborhood, was going to bring to the Miami area.

Now, new renderings show, in detail, just how contemporary and practically futuristic, this new addition is going to be.

The construction of this magnificent 64 story building began officially earlier this month, and the plan is to have Brickell Flatiron complete by 2019. Although this may seem like a long time span, it is the precise attention to detail and paramount creativity by its designers that will make this incredible new construction the best in Miami.

The creative geniuses behind Brickell Flatiron include Luis Revuelta, Italian designer Massimo Iosa Ghini, and artist Julian Schnabe.

In the recently released renderings of Brickell Flatiron, many state of the art amenities are depicted in detail. A gorgeous billiard room with imported wood paneling from floor to ceiling, and soft, contemporary lighting, is an excellent place to meet friends after work for a few good games and some good laughs. The futuristic  “Sky gym” will allow residents to work up a sweat in a 6,300 square foot fitness center, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows that overlook the city, and equipped with state of the art fitness equipment.

A children’s play room, bright and spacious, will give kids their own place to play, learn and explore. A spacious and softly lit cigar room will give residents a relaxing place to enjoy a cigar in the evenings, and a welcoming and open community room will serve as a place where friends and neighbors can meet and mingle throughout the day.

And what luxurious residential community in Miami doesn’t have it’s own wine room? The artist’s renderings of this posh place to sip some wine, complete with modern furniture and a classy and sophisticated atmosphere, show what will, without a doubt, be one of the most popular places for residents of Brickell Flatiron.

A private movie theatre, with plush, oversized seats and a giant screen will serve as a great place to beat the Miami heat (or rain) and adds another level of exclusivity to this already impressive property. In a recently released press release, other amenities of this impressive tower will include “private steam, sauna and locker facilities, glass elliptical balconies, Italian finishes and German appliances”

The renderings also depict plenty of retail space on the first floor of the tower, which is excellent news for those who want to shop high-end stores but don’t want to travel too far. Although the types of stores that will fill this retail space have not been decided, it is not too far fetched to assume that in a multi million-dollar tower such as this, shopping enthusiasts will be able to find a name brand store that they love. The entire vibe of Brickell Flatiron feels very “Manhattan” but fits perfectly with the fast, sexy and classy lifestyle that Miami locals are looking for.

You can feel the excitement in the air surrounding the “could be’s” of Brickell Flatiron, and the anticipation can be felt around the city. For those looking for Miami luxury homes for sale, this brand new development could possibly be your next home sweet home.

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