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Josh Stein Realtor - Miami Beach Condos and Homes

One of the many things that define Miami Beach real estate is its unique blend of old and new. You’ll find homes dating from the 1930s alongside some of the sleekest modern buildings in the world. The famous resort-city hosts both the largest collection of miami art deco properties in the world and one the highest concentrations of modern architecture.


But Miami Beach is also a fast-growing and dynamic community that’s constantly evolving and reinventing itself. Thus, it’s not uncommon to witness new overtaking old on every block. Real estate news site Miami Curbed reported on the latest development in this regard – Beach House 8, which will replace the aging Ocean Grande: “The writing’s been on the wall for the Ocean Grande—one of the very last few unrestored art deco hotels in all of Miami Beach—for a while, despite the efforts of some to preserve and restore it and despite being located in a locally and nationally designated historic district.


Developers Ugo Columbo and Valerio Morabito are replacing the beachfront hotel with Beach House 8, an eight unit, eleven story (plus underground parking) mega-luxurious condo tower by fading-star architecture firm Arquitectonica with a design that, get this, is actually quite nice. Okay, the shifting white rectangular box look is nothing, and we mean nothing, cutting edge, but compare it to Arquitectonica’s also very recently designed Paraiso Bay and you have to wonder if they were really designed by the same firm.”

Discover Everything About Miami Beach House 8 

Given how recent this news is, there’s little information about Beach House 8, other than that it promises to be one of the most luxurious and exclusive Art Deco properties in Miami Beach FL (which befits its prime location). This is just another reason why Miami Beach is a great place to live – there is always something new and exciting to look forward to. Rest assured that Josh Stein and his team will be on top of this thrilling new condo.


However, if Miami Beach Art Deco Condos are more your thing, fear not – there are still plenty of these unique buildings to choose from. To discover the best miami beach art deco condos and learn more about the peerless opportunities that await you in this world-class city, call Miami Beach Condos specialist Josh Stein at +1 (305) 695-8257

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